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  SAC Spotlight:  West Virginia

Research Projects

Data Quality and Imputation Methods for the WV Incident-based Reporting System Data
Contact: Christina LaValle
Developed tools to assess crime count data quality and methods to estimate missing data values using the West Virginia incident-based reporting system data. The methods are intended to be used by analysts, researchers, and State repository staff and rely on the availability of one year of data rather than several years of archived data. The output of the project offers guidelines for classifying crime counts of zero as true zeros or missing data, methods for detecting irregular reporting patterns, and techniques for estimating missing data values for agencies missing crime data anywhere from one to twelve months. This research aimed to improve the utility and capacity of incident-based crime reporting and was funded by the Justice Research and Statistics Association.

Research Partnership with Charleston Police Department and the Drug Market Intervention Project
Contact: Christina LaValle
The SAC partnered with the Charleston Police Department to serve as the research affiliate tasked with assessing the impact of their drug market intervention project and providing research assistance. In addition to assisting with the federal funding application process, the ORSP will be heavily vested in the project's planning stage and also collect and analyze data throughout the duration of the project.

Construction of the Global Correctional Program Assessment Inventory
Contact: Bridget J. Connolly
SAC Personnel are in the process of developing and operationalizing the measures that will be incorporated into the assessment inventory, including measures of program quality, such as, observations, offender surveys, and quality assurance data. Upon completion this assessment inventory will expand previous correctional program assessment tools. It will be piloted on a small number of day report centers to assess their relative capacity to manage and treat offenders reentering the community and receiving services.

Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC)
Contact: Jessica Napier
In an effort to fulfill the OJJDP's requirement on disproportionate minority contact (DMC) for the state, SAC personnel are developing a needs assessment. This assessment involves three focus groups (court members, detention members, and community members) across five counties. These discussions are intended to ascertain the level of knowledge, common practices, or what is wanted at the county level concerning juveniles and DMC.

Statewide Implementation of LS/CMI
Contact: Natalie Mills or Jessica Napier
The statewide implementation of the LS/CMI is an effort to use an evidence-based risk and needs assessment throughout West Virginia's criminal justice system. Currently, the LS/CMI is used in the state's prisons and community corrections programs to help determine programming that will help meet offenders' criminogenic needs. Eventually, the goal is for the assessment to be implemented in the courts, probation, and parole as well, and be used as a tool to help make decisions about offender's needs and potential to commit future crimes. The ORSP manages this implementation by recommending policies, providing training, managing an LS/CMI online management system, conducing quality assurance measures, and managing certification for those who conduct the LS/CMI.

2012-2022 Prison Population Forecast
Contact: Simon Bauer-Leffler
The 2012-2022 correctional population forecast is the most recent semiannual projection of the end of year prison population for the next ten years. The purpose of this report is to analyze the changes in commitments to and releases from WV correctional facilities to assist in correctional programming for the state.

Community Corrections Information System (CCIS)
Contact: Simon Bauer-Leffler
The current Community Corrections Information System is being updated with new response categories and options suggested by CCIS users. This will provide more flexibility for users and directors, as well as result in better quality data for decision making and evaluating DRCs.

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