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  SAC Spotlight: Oklahoma

Research Projects

Evaluation of the Oklahoma State-Tribal Crime Victim Liaison Demonstration Program
Oklahoma has the second largest American Indian population in the United States, and 38 federally recognized tribes have their headquarters in Oklahoma. Tribal communities across the state have a shortage in overall direct crime victim services and often are unaware of state and local resources available for victims. The purpose of this project is to educate tribal leaders and service providers about state and local resources. To accomplish this goal, a state-tribal crime victim liaison engages in outreach efforts to the tribes. SAC staff is responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of the liaison's outreach efforts. To do this, staff attends roundtable discussions and outreach efforts coordinated by the liaison. Additionally, staff monitors the number of victims' compensation claims and the number of grant applications received from the tribal communities each month.

Evaluation of Multijurisdictional Drug and Violent Crime Task Forces in Oklahoma
Using Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) funding, the Oklahoma District Attorneys Council supports the work of 13 Drug and Violent Crime Task Forces in Oklahoma. SAC staff is planning an evaluation of the task forces to determine their effectiveness in the communities they serve. Initially, staff will conduct a process evaluation to better understand the administrative and operational activities of each task force.

An Analysis of Arrest-Related Deaths in Oklahoma, 2003-2012
Since 2003, Oklahoma has reported arrest-related deaths to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS). Since that time, there have been 180 qualifying deaths in Oklahoma. The goal of this project is to collect and analyze state criminal history records, medical examiner reports, and law enforcement reports for each qualifying death to identify trends and characteristics in arrest-related deaths.

Oklahoma Drug Threat Assessment
SAC staff is assisting the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN) in the development of the Oklahoma Drug Threat Assessment. The purpose of the threat assessment is to inform law enforcement, service providers, policy makers, and the public of trends in drug abuse, manufacturing, and distribution across the state.

Crime Analysis Program
SAC staff is creating a crime analysis program that will be offered to law enforcement agencies in smaller jurisdictions in Oklahoma. The goal is to provide these SIBRS agencies with the crime analysis services available in the larger jurisdictions.

Turning Information into Intelligence
SAC staff is assisting the Investigative Services Division of the OSBI in the development and implementation of protocol that will produce timely intelligence at the county level.

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