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  SAC Spotlight: Oklahoma

Each SAC Spotlight focuses on one of the state Statistical Analysis Centers, with descriptions of the SAC's relationships with other state agencies, featured research projects and publications, and key personnel. By focusing on one SAC at a time, we hope to highlight the critical role they all play in analyzing justice information in their state and informing the development of sound public policy.

Office of Criminal Justice Statistics, Data Collection and Analysis Section, Information Services Division, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation

Year Established: 1989

Number of Staff: 1 full-time (with 4 open full-time researcher positions)

About the SAC:
The Oklahoma SAC is housed within the Office of Criminal Justice Statistics, Information Services Division of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI). The SAC is responsible for the collection, analysis, and dissemination of criminal justice research and statistics, with an emphasis on evidence-based policing strategies and victimization research. SAC staff provides technical assistance and evaluation services to the Oklahoma District Attorneys Council, which serves as the State Administering Agency (SAA). Staff also provides state, local, and tribal criminal justice and victim service agencies throughout the state with data, research, evaluation services, and technical assistance. Ultimately, the SAC promotes the use of evidence-based practices in decision making at all levels of government. Staff works closely with the Field Services Unit of OSBI, which is responsible for the administration of the Uniform Crime Report in Oklahoma.

Until August 2009, the SAC was housed at the Oklahoma Criminal Justice Resource Center (OCJRC), which was responsible for providing administrative and research support to the Oklahoma Sentencing Commission. When the Sentencing Commission was abolished, SAC duties were transferred to OSBI, leading to a shift in focus from felony sentencing practices and prison projections to research focused on policing strategies, violent crime, and victimization. This change in research priorities was facilitated by the abundance of data available at the OSBI, which is the central repository of much of the state's justice-related data.

Access to Administrative Data
Because of its location within the OSBI, the SAC has access to a wealth of criminal justice data and administrative records. OSBI is responsible for maintaining the state's central criminal history repository, the Uniform Crime Reporting Program (both summary and incident-based reporting), and the Self-Defense Act Licensing Unit. SAC staff has used these data to conduct research on domestic violence, arrest-related deaths, and homicide.

Recently, staff completed the first research project utilizing incident-based reporting data. The project, Police Planning and Problem Solving using Incident-Based Reporting Data, analyzed domestic violence incidents that occurred in Muskogee, Oklahoma. The goal of the project was to demonstrate the utility of incident-based reporting data for planning and problem solving at the local level.

Interagency Collaboration
In addition to working with other divisions in the OSBI, staff also collaborates with state, local, and tribal agencies in the state. Staff is assisting the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN) with developing the methodology for the Oklahoma Drug Threat Assessment, provides program evaluation services to the Oklahoma District Attorneys Council (DAC) and the Oklahoma City Police Department, and provides data related to domestic violence to the Victims Services Unit of the Oklahoma Office of the Attorney General. Staff works with the Oklahoma State Department of Health to collect law enforcement reports for the Oklahoma Violent Death Reporting System, which is funded by the federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Staff works closely with state universities, sponsoring internships for graduate students and providing data for research projects.

Innovative Strategies
Research Projects

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