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  SAC Spotlight: Oklahoma

Innovative Strategies

Crime Analysis Program
SAC staff is creating a crime analysis program that will be offered to law enforcement agencies in small jurisdictions in Oklahoma. The goals of this program are twofold:1) to provide crime analysis resources to agencies in small jurisdictions, and 2) to encourage agencies that collect and report Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) statistics to switch to incident-based reporting. As in many other states, most medium to small law enforcement agencies in Oklahoma report incident-based crime statistics, but agencies in the largest cities still report crime statistics in summary format. Through this project, the SAC will provide crime analysis services to all agencies that submit incident-based data to the State Incident-Based Reporting System (SIBRS). While Oklahoma's larger law enforcement agencies have crime analysis programs and advanced mapping capabilities, the smaller jurisdictions are not so fortunate, so this program should help them better understand and use the data they collect. In this way, the SAC hopes to demonstrate the utility of SIBRS to other agencies that are still reporting summary-based statistics, and provide an incentive for them to switch to incident-based reporting.

To prepare for program implementation, staff is currently identifying resources available to the agencies; conducting initial meetings with administration, the Oklahoma FUSION Center, and university partners; and creating standard operating procedures for connecting with agencies based on size and their unique needs. Once these steps have been completed, staff will identify agencies that qualify for the program and encourage them to participate. The ultimate goal is to provide all local jurisdictions with crime analysis capabilities regardless of their resources.

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