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  SAC Spotlight: Maryland


Jeffrey Zuback, M.S., Director
Jeffrey Zuback has been with MSAC since June 2009. He started as the Statistical Analyst and worked closely with GOCCP and law enforcement partners to collect, analyze, and publish criminal justice data to support the criminal justice system and public safety in Maryland. He became the Director of MSAC in March 2011. He received a B.S in psychology with a minor in sociology (criminal justice specialization) from McDaniel College and an M.S in criminal justice with a specialization in law enforcement from the University of Baltimore. His research interests include law enforcement, community corrections, juvenile delinquency, gang violence, criminological theory, and abnormal psychology. He interned with the FBI's Violent Crime Squad in the Baltimore Field Office from 2007-2009. As the Director of MSAC, Jeffrey oversees all projects and reports completed by the Statistical Analyst and the Research Assistant and manages the MSAC website. He supports the work of GOCCP by conducting policy research and statistical analyses, and helps implement evidence-based practices throughout the state by facilitating statewide crime data analysis to generate effective policies and criminal justice solutions. Jeffrey also helps promote and coordinate statewide and regional law enforcement and public safety linkages and partnerships between and among federal, state, and local agencies.

Greg Coster, M.S., Statistical Analyst
Greg Coster has been at MSAC since April 2011 when he was hired as a part-time research assistant. He was promoted in March 2013 to serve as the full-time Statistical Analyst. Greg holds a B.S. in justice and law administration from Western Connecticut State University (law enforcement concentration), and an M.S. in criminal justice from the University of Baltimore (law enforcement concentration). Greg began his professional career as a law enforcement officer and he later became a legal investigator with the United States Coast Guard. Greg also taught criminal justice courses for four years at the TESST College of Technology in Towson, Maryland. Greg creates all surveys issued by GOCCP, both for internal purposes and for external public safety stakeholders, and serves as data manager for MSAC. In addition, Greg has been the primary data analyst for the Deaths in Custody/Arrest-Related Deaths project, and is the lead analyst on the Domestically Related Crimes tracking project. Greg also provides performance measure assistance for GOCCP's "Managing for Results," a strategic state planning, performance measurement, and budgeting process, and serves as the GOCCP Coordinator for the Annapolis and Salisbury (MD) "Safe Streets" crime-reduction programs. Greg was the principal investigator and author of MSAC's first completed program evaluation of the Maryland Violence Prevention Initiative, the state's most intensive parole and probation supervision program.

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