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  SAC Spotlight: Idaho

Research Projects

Projects Completed between March 2012 - March 2013:

Idaho Criminal Justice Needs Assessment
379 Idaho criminal justice professionals and community leaders were surveyed to determine areas of greatest and least concern for targeted resources.

Idaho Drug and Alcohol Related Offenses and Arrests: 2006 - 2010
Data from the Idaho Incident Based Reporting System (IIBRS) were used to identify trends in alcohol and drug related offenses and arrests.

Violent Crimes Against Children in Idaho as Reported to Law Enforcement: 1998 - 2011
IIBRS data was used to determine the characteristics and prevalence of reported violent crimes against children in Idaho.

Performance Measurement for the Idaho State Police
Alternatives to the current ISP Strategic Plan were provided, along with recommendations for how to target success in the future.

Increased access to data
The ISAC website was revamped with a new mapping component to display county-level crime data. In addition, the Crime in Idaho web query was updated with current data.

American Indian Crime in Idaho: Victims, Offenders, and Arrestees
Data from IIBRS, reported Idaho tribal crime, and unreported crime rates from the 2008 Idaho Crime Victimization Survey were used to help estimate the prevalence of crime among Idaho's tribal populations.

Current Projects:

Evaluation of Original Gangster's Basic Academy of Development (OG's BAD)
Funded through JAG, Project Safe Neighborhoods, and JAG Recovery Act, OG's BAD provides educational and mentoring services to at-risk youth with the potential of becoming gang members. The evaluation will determine if goals and objectives have been reached and provide recommendations for future effective strategies.

Evaluation of Treasure Valley Organized Crime Narcotics Enforcement Co-Op
The Co-Op received Byrne/JAG funding for six years to fund investigations of mid- to high-level drug cases in Idaho. The evaluation will determine if goals and objectives were reached and whether funds utilized from this approach were cost effective.

Tribal Needs Assessment
Stakeholders within the Idaho tribal community will soon be surveyed regarding the needs of crime victims and ways of negotiating complicated jurisdictional concerns.

Domestic Violence Report
A report combining IIBRS data with court filings will address prosecution concerns and reported crime rates across the state.

Statewide Crime Victimization Survey 2012
A random sample of both landline and cell-phones was recently completed. The report will be completed by December.

Prescription Drug Report
The next installation of the Idaho drug trends report will combine county level data from the Idaho Prescription Drug Monitoring Program with IIBRS data and Idaho State Police records to determine whether or if prescription drug consumption rates are related to arrests for prescription drugs across the state.

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