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Program Evaluation Briefing Series

Approaches to Assessing Juvenile Justice Program Performance. (Program Evaluation Briefing Series No. 7). 2004.

Evaluability Assessment: Examining the Readiness of a Program for Evaluation. (Program Evaluation Briefing Series No. 6). 2003.

Appendix: The Youth Monitoring Program: An Evaluability Assessment

Incorporating Evaluation Into the Request for Proposal (RFP) Process. (Program Evaluation Briefing Series No. 5). 2002.

Cost-Benefit Analysis for Juvenile Justice Programs. (Program Evaluation Briefing Series No. 4). 2002.

As directed on page 15 of the printed copy, you can download the Table 1: Summary of Program Economics.

Strategies for Evaluating Small Juvenile Justice Programs. (Program Evaluation Briefing Series No. 3). 2001.

Hiring and Working With an Evaluator. (Program Evaluation Briefing Series No. 2). 2001.

Juvenile Justice Program Evaluation: An Overview (Second Edition). (Program Evaluation Briefing Series No. 1). 2003.

JJEC Guidebook Series

Seven Steps to Develop and Evaluate Strategies to Reduce Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC). 2005.

Evaluation Issues in Mental Health Programming in the Juvenile Justice System. 2003.

Other Publications

Status of the States Regarding Juvenile Justice Evaluation. 2005.

JJEC Fact Sheet.2004.

Evaluation: A Tool for Program Improvement. 2003.
(online tutorial using Adobe Flash Player)

Evaluation Strategies for State Juvenile Justice Programs: Case Studies from Washington and Pennsylvania. 2003.

Juvenile Justice Evaluation Needs in the States: Findings of the Formula Grants Program Evaluation Needs Assessment. 1999.

SAC Juvenile Justice Evaluation Partnership Projects

In order to facilitate the development of relationships at the State level that help build evaluation capacity, JRSA provided funding for SAC juvenile justice evaluation partnership projects each year.

2004 Project Theme: Development of a Statewide Juvenile Justice Evaluation Plan

2003 Project Theme: Use of Secure Detention and Alternatives To Secure Detention For Juveniles

Presentations at the 2003 Coalition for Juvenile Justice Fall Training Conference:

2002 Project Theme: Gender-Specific Programming

2001 Project Theme: Disproportionate Minority Confinement (DMC)



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