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JRP Digest Cover Current Issue

The JRP Digest provides brief summaries of research articles from JRSA's journal, Justice Research and Policy. The Digest is designed for justice practitioners and policymakers who want to use research to help guide their decisionmaking, as well as researchers who want to keep current in their fields. Digest sections include:

  • Why Was the Study Done
  • Data and Methods
  • Findings
  • Implications of the Findings for Policymakers

The current issue contains summaries of these articles from Justice Research and Policy, Vol. 14, No. 2, 2012:

  • Structure and Determinacy in State Sentencing and Corrections Policies
  • Commentary: Refining Sentencing and Corrections Policy Definitions
  • Commentary: Evidence Based Policy: A Journey, Not a Destination
  • Drug Treatment Courts: A Quantitative Review of Study and Treatment Quality
  • Examining Metal Theft in Context: An Opportunity Theory Approach
  • Understanding Police Gang Data at the Aggregate Level: An Examination of the Reliability of National Youth Gang Survey Data

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