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Manuscripts submitted to Justice Research and Policy for publication should address some aspect of criminal justice research, program evaluation, research utilization, or data analysis that has policy making or other practical implications.

We will consider only original manuscripts not published or under consideration by other journals. All submissions will be peer reviewed. Authors should expect to be notified with an acceptance, revision request, or rejection within four months after we receive the manuscript.


Manuscripts should be submitted by e-mail to journal@jrsa.org, in Microsoft Word. They should be double-spaced and approximately 20 to 30 pages long. Style should conform to the guidelines set forth in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

Title Page

The title page should include the names of all authors, their affiliations, brief biographical information, the address of the corresponding author, and sources of financial support, if appropriate. If the paper was presented at a meeting, the name of the organization, the location of the meeting, and the exact date of the presentation should be listed. The authors' names should not appear elsewhere in the manuscript; the title page will be removed for peer review.


Manuscripts should include an abstract of 50-100 words. The abstract should state the problem or issue being considered, the method used in the research (if appropriate), and the findings.

Policy Implications Section

One of the primary goals of Justice Research and Policy is to support research that has clear implications for policy making. Therefore, all empirical research must include a section that clearly defines policy recommendations resulting from the study's findings.

Limitations of the Study/Analysis

To assist readers in evaluating the results of the study or analysis, all submissions should include a section that clearly lays out any limitations in quality of data or methodology that might affect interpretation of the findings.

Tables and Figures

All tables and figures should be on separate pages at the back of the manuscript. Indicate placement by a notation in the text: for example, Insert Figure 1 here. Figures should clearly display data and be reproducible in black and white. For papers that are later accepted for publication, figures will be recreated in Adobe InDesign. Authors will need to supply figure values at that time if we cannot retrieve them from the figure itself. We prefer JPEG files for illustrations such as photographs or maps, but can also accept TIFF and GIF files.


Footnotes should be used for substantive comments, not citation of sources. They should be numbered consecutively throughout the manuscript, and appear at the bottom of the page.


All sources must be acknowledged by a reference and all references must be cited in the text. Citations in the text should be within parentheses and include the surname of the author followed by the year of publication: (Smith, 1998). An alphabetical list of all references should appear at the end of the manuscript and should conform to the style set forth in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

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