JRSA Forum, September 2013, Volume 31, Number 3
September 2013  Vol. 31, No. 3



Consent Decrees and Juvenile Corrections in Arizona: What Happens When Oversight Ends

NICS: Challenges to Mental Health Record Sharing and Recent Congressional Activity


JRSA Hosts Track of Sessions at National Forum

JRSA and NCJA Announce Formal Affiliation


New SAC Directors Appointed in Maine and New Mexico

AK - AJSAC Reports on Varied Activities

AZ - SAC and State Partners Honored for Work on Prescription Drug Abuse

IL - Offers New Criminal History and Recidivism Tool and Evaluates Adult Redeploy Program

IA - CJJP Collects School Incident Referral Data to Examine Problem Behaviors

MS - MSSAC Studies Court Attitudes Toward Defendants with Mental Illness

NY - SAC Provides Data Support to Youth Justice Teams

OH - New Research Brief Looks at MJTFs, ARDs, and Victim Recantation

SC - SAC Publishes Studies on Linking Criminal Justice Records, Drug Activity, and Domestic and Sexual Violence

WV - SAC Works With Law Enforcement to Study the Impact of Drug Market Intervention in Charleston & Studies Ways to Improve NIBRS Data

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New SAC Directors Appointed in Maine and New Mexico

George Shaler was appointed Director of the Maine SAC, which is located at the Muskie School of Public Service, University of Southern Maine. Mr. Shaler has been a Research Associate at the Muskie School since 1999, providing research, program evaluation, and consultation services to state and local government agencies and community-based organizations. He also provides technical assistance in evaluation capacity building to many Maine nonprofits. He is most interested in the public health aspects of criminal justice issues. While at the Muskie School, Mr. Shaler has researched or conducted program evaluations on the topics of juvenile recidivism, disproportionate minority contact, criminal history records, county jail trends, prison/jail health care issues, quality improvement in local health departments, and school-based health centers.

The newly appointed Director of New Mexico's SAC is Kristine Denman, who has been a senior staff member at the Institute of Social Research, University of New Mexico (where the SAC is housed) for a number of years. She has 20 years of experience in research and evaluation, and has been the lead researcher on numerous projects for various agency partners at the city, state, and federal levels. Her research interests include domestic violence, case processing, and prisoner reentry. She also enjoys conducting evaluations and has been the primary evaluator for programs ranging from criminal justice to educational initiatives. Ms. Denman earned her master's degree in sociology at the University of New Mexico.