March 2015  Vol. 33, No.1

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Karen F. Maline, Editor
Nancy Michel, Managing Editor


Stephen Haas, President
Lisa Shoaf, Vice President
Danette Buskovick, Secretary/ Treasurer
Thea Mounts, Delegate
Jim McDonough, Delegate
George Shaler, Delegate
Roger Przybylski, Appointed Delegate

Jeffrey Sedgwick, Executive Director

Shawn Flower, Research Associate
Karen F. Maline, Director of Member Services
Nancy Michel, Director of Publications
Stan Orchowsky, Research Director
Jason Trask, Program Associate

JRSA Executive Committee Undergoes Changes as Mark Myrent Leaves the Illinois SAC and the Board

Executive Committee. In February, Lisa Shoaf (OH), who had been serving as Secretary/Treasurer, became Vice President when long-time Illinois SAC Director Mark Myrent left his job due to the change in administration in Illinois. Danette Buskovick (MN) assumed the role of JRSA Secretary/Treasurer, and Jim McDonough, Virginia SAC Director, was appointed to take her place as Dele-gate. Dr. McDonough joins Delegates Thea Mounts (WA) and George Shaler (ME), Roger Przybylski remains Appointed Delegate, and Stephen Haas (WV) remains President.

Mr. Myrent, who served last year as a Delegate on the Executive Committee, was the Associate Director for the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, where he managed the Re- search and Analysis Unit. He is the author of numerous publications on criminal justice strategic planning, juvenile justice trends, disproportionate minority contact, computerized access to criminal history records, victim assistance programs, and jail crowding. Mr. Myrent has participated in several JRSA webinars and postconference seminars, especially in the area of criminal history records and administrative data. Under his direction, the Illinois SAC was awarded several national awards, including the Phillip Hoke National Publication Award (2010, 2011), Technical Innovation Awards (2013, 2014), and the JRSA Website Award (2010).

Dr. McDonough
Dr. McDonough

Dr. McDonough has been with the Virginia SAC/Criminal Justice Research Center since 1991. In 1996 he became Director of the Research Center, and in January 2000 became the SAC director. Prior to working at the Department of Criminal Justice Services, which houses the SAC, Dr. McDonough worked for six years in Washington DC, managing a program with the National Highway Administration to research causes of motor vehicle accidents by analyzing data from national police traffic accident data files. Dr. McDonough received his Ph.D. in experimental psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1984, and since then has periodically served as adjunct faculty at the University.

In addition to producing and reporting crime statistics, recent SAC projects include extensive survey research on school and college campus crime, efforts to improve school/campus safety, and school/campus threat assessment teams; research on crimes involving firearms; and research on the extent of prescription drug abuse in Virginia.