JRSA Forum. March 2014. Volume 32, Number 1.

Kentucky SAC Contributes to Multiple State Projects

The Kentucky SAC continued work on several projects in the past few months in addition to its regular duties. The first major undertaking drew together information for the 2012 edition of the Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics in the Commonwealth, which will serve as a critical baseline as SAC staff begin to evaluate the comprehensive justice reform and reinvestment undertaken in connection with Kentucky legislation.

The SAC Research Coordinator worked with members of the State Administering Agency to overhaul the application process for victim service grants within the state. This process will be implemented during the 2015 application cycle and has several goals: improving the quality of applications within the state; addressing historical and geographic disparities in funding levels; encouraging innovation, growth, and change among funded programs; and improving tracking, measurement, and evaluation components among applicants.

In partnership with the Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), the SAC continued planning for an evaluation of adult recidivism outcomes for a cohort of participants in the DJJ's Intensive Aftercare Program. In another effort, SAC staff supported the implementation of evidence-based evaluation components among Kentucky's drug task forces funded through the Edward Byrne Justice Assistance Grant. Finally, planning continued for the upcoming statewide victimization survey, including initial development of the instrument, sampling methodology, and data analysis plan.