JRSA Forum, March 2013, Volume 31, Number 1
March 2013  Vol. 31, No. 1



Connect South Dakota: A Justice Information Sharing Success Story


NCJA, BJA, and JRSA Hold Joint Meeting on Evidence-Based Practices

New Corrections Chief Comes Onboard at BJS

President Announces Intent to Fill OJP Positions

President Signs Violence Against Women Act

Research, Policy, Practice - and Theory: The Role and Significance of Theoretical Thinking in the Formulation
of Contemporary Drug Policy


JRSA Holds First in a Series of Webinars on Use of Administrative Records

JRSA Website Features SAC Spotlight


Arizona SAC Director Takes on New Roles with SEARCH and Global

Arizona Youth Survey Reveals Levels of Violence and Drug Use Among Youth

FDLE's Commissioner's Award Goes to Cindy Durrett

MNSAC Releases Publications on DMC and Sexually Exploited Youth

Oregon SAC Conducts Evaluations on Earned Time Laws and on Effectiveness of Reentry Centers

Vermont SAC Completes Evaluations of Three County Programs

West Virginia SAC Updates Prison Population Forecast and Announces Changes to Research Staff

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Jason Trask, Program Associate
Lisa Walbolt Wagner, Research Associate
Carrie Williamson, Research Associate


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West Virginia SAC Updates Prison Population Forecast and Announces Changes to Research Staff

The WVSAC recently released the West Virginia Correctional Population Forecast, 2012-2022. This report continues the biennial updating of prison population projections for the state. It describes the current correctional population and provides policy makers with a 10-year correctional population forecast.

The SAC also welcomed Bridget J. Connolly onboard as a Research Analyst. She holds a B.A. in criminology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and an M.S. in criminal justice, concentration in law enforcement and crime prevention, from the University of Cincinnati. She most recently was employed as a research assistant with the University of Cincinnati's Corrections Institute (UCCI), where she primarily worked on a statewide prison program evaluation relating to evidence-based practices. Ms. Connolly will help fulfill the mission of the Justice Center for Evidence-Based Practice, along with various quality assurance activities associated with the statewide implementation of the LS/CMI and other evidence-based practices. She has begun work on the construction of a "Global Correctional Program Assessment Inventory," which will offer multiple measures of program quality, including observations, offender surveys, and official quality assurance data.

Simon Bauer-Leffler has left the Office of Research and Strategic Planning. All inquiries regarding Dr. Bauer-Leffler's work may be directed to Dr. Stephen M. Haas.