JRSA Website Features SAC Spotlight

JRSA Forum. March 2013. Volume 31, Number 1.

As part of the recent redesign of JRSA's website, staff developed the SAC Spotlight, a vehicle for highlighting the projects, publications, accomplishments, and staff of a single Statistical Analysis Center. The SAC Spotlight also describes the location of the SAC in state government, its relationship with other state agencies, and how it supports criminal and juvenile justice efforts in its state. By focusing on one SAC at a time, we hope to highlight the critical role they all play in analyzing justice information in their state and informing the development of sound public policy.

Each Spotlight will remain posted for one month to six weeks and then be moved to the Spotlight archive. Arizona was the first SAC to be featured, followed by West Virginia and Minnesota. If you have feedback about the SAC Spotlight, please let us know at cjinfo@jrsa.org.