New Online Resources Available from NJJEC

JRSA Forum. December 2012. Volume 30, Number 4.

The National Juvenile Justice Evaluation Center (NJJEC) has released three new online resources for juvenile justice practitioners. NJJEC's goal is to increase the evaluation capacity of states, localities, and tribes through a variety of training and technical assistance efforts. The new resources focus on data collection and program sustainability.

The first resource is a Performance Measure Guide that provides basic information about collecting high-quality, useful program data. The resource defines program logic elements such as goals, objectives, activities, and process and outcome measures. It includes nine characteristics of high-quality performance measures, and provides examples for each characteristic. The Performance Measure Guide offers fundamental information about good data collection practices, and may be useful both for beginners and as a review for experienced program staff. NJJEC also released a pair of sustainability resources: a Sustainability Toolkit for Service Providers, and a Sustainability Toolkit for Grantors. Each outlines important considerations for both funding agencies and their grantees to establish long-term program success. The service provider toolkit is tailored to practitioners who work in the juvenile justice system or otherwise provide direct services to youth. It includes information about increasing program effectiveness and conveying program successes to stakeholders, and the importance of collaboration and marketing to increase program resources and visibility. The grantor toolkit includes methods for establishing partnerships and increasing available resources, training, and technical assistance. It also outlines ways grantors can collaborate with grantees to ensure success and demonstrate program achievement. Each toolkit includes a printable checklist that may be useful for grantors and grantees as they include components of sustainability in the day-to-day operations of their work.