New SAC Director Named in Alaska

JRSA Forum. December 2012. Volume 30, Number 4.

Dr. Brad Myrstol was appointed Director of the Statistical Analysis Center, University of Alaska, Anchorage (AJ-SAC) on September 7. Dr. Myrstol is an Assistant Professor of Justice, serving as a member of the Justice Center faculty since 2009. Immediately prior to joining the Justice Center, Dr. Myrstol was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology & Criminal Justice at the University of Arkansas, where he also served as a Research Assistant Professor in the Community and Family Institute. Dr. Myrstol's current research spans three substantive areas: (1) public perceptions of police, (2) homelessness and criminal justice, and (3) the criminal justice response to violence against women. His most recent studies include an examination of the intersection of place and social capital on depressive symptomology of homeless persons, and a study of Alaska Native perceptions of police in Anchorage. Dr. Myrstol just completed a study of the discriminate validity of marijuana odor detection in police searches, and he currently serves as Co-Investigator of the Alaska Victimization Survey, a statewide data collection effort unique to Alaska designed to provide reliable and valid estimates of intimate partner violence and sexual violence that can be used to guide planning and policy development. Dr. Myrstol holds a doctorate in criminal justice from Indiana University.