Missouri SAC Wins 2012 SAC Web Site Award

JRSA Forum. December 2012. Volume 30, Number 4.

In 1997 JRSA established the SAC Web Site Award to recognize exemplary site design, functionality, and content. Not all SACs had web sites then, and the award was meant to both encourage site creation and to provide an example of what a well-designed site could accomplish. Some 15 years later, all SACs have Web sites, and the annual award is based on four criteria: content, technical quality, aesthetics, and innovation and creativity. The 2012 Web Site Award was presented to the Missouri Statistical Analysis Center.

Members of JRSA's Training, Technology, and Technical Assistance Committee are charged with selecting the winning Web site. In the first round of judging each member is randomly assigned a list of sites to visit and instructed to choose the top site. Members cannot judge their own site, and winning sites from the last three years are excluded. In the second round the finalist sites are visited by all committee members, and a winner is declared based on points applied for the four criteria.

The Web Site Award was announced at the Annual Business Meeting of the Statistical Analysis Centers held by webinar on October 17.