JRSA Forum, December 2012, Volume 30, Number 4



SAC Directors Elect JRSA's Executive Committee for 2012-2013

Statistical Analysis Centers Win Awards for Outstanding Publications

Missouri SAC Wins 2012 SAC Web Site Award


Leveraging National Standards to Accelerate Recidivism Studies: Nlets, BJS, and the States

New Chief of FBI Crime Statistics Unit Named

SBE and NIJ Formalize Research Collaboration

NRC Report Advocates Using Research to Shape Juvenile Justice Reform


JRSA's IBRRC Posts Reports from Idaho, New Mexico, and Vermont SACs

JRSA Concludes Evaluation of Utah Mentoring Program

ASC Panel Highlights Illinois State Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships

New Online Resources Available from NJJEC


New SAC Director Named in Alaska

News from Illinois, Iowa, Maine, New York, Oregon

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ASC Panel Highlights Illinois State Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships

Building on 2011 American Society of Criminology (ASC) panels on communication between researchers and practitio- ners, Criminal Justice Journalists and the Justice Research and Statistics Association held two panels this year at the ASC meeting in Chicago--one with a national perspective and one with a state perspective. JRSA coordinated the November 15th panel on the state perspective, which highlighted two researcher-practitioner collaborations at the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (ICJIA). ICJIA, which houses the state's Statistical Analysis Center (SAC), provides data and technical assistance to inform decisionmaking on a wide range of state justice issues. JRSA Research Director Stan Orchowsky moderated the panel, and Illinois SAC Director and ICJIA Research Director Mark Myrent spoke on the SAC's role in the two collaborations.

"Adult Redeploy Illinois" provides financial incentives to jurisdictions for designing community-based programs to treat offenders in the community instead of sending them to prison. Panelist MaryAnn Dyar, Program Administrator of Adult Redeploy Illinois, discussed the program and the SAC's role in tracking implementation and providing technical assistance to ensure that program components like drug courts, intensive probation supervision, and cognitive-based therapy were implemented with fidelity to evidence-based models. Staff created a database across 10 sites, and are analyzing performance measures for feedback and program enhancement.

Panelist Leslie Landis, Chief Court Administrator of the Domestic Violence Division of the Circuit Court of Cook County, spoke about the Cook County Domestic Violence Court and its collaboration with the SAC. The SAC established a data collection process and tool for case management and service assistance linkage for clients seeking services.

The insights from reviewing data pertaining to civil and criminal orders of protections and court case proceedings resulted in recommendations to modify court triage protocols to enhance long-term safety and access to services for domestic violence victims.