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Under this grant from the Community Capacity Development Office, JRSA is funding a number of evaluation partnership projects between SACs and Weed and Seed programs. For more information on these evaluations, contact the appropriate SAC directors.

Iowa SAC-Des Moines Weed and Seed Site

The Iowa SAC examined the Safe Haven program in the Des Moines Weed and Seed site to determine whether the program is meeting the needs of citizens in the community. Through a review of records, interviews with key program personnel, and a series of focus groups with community leaders and citizens, the SAC assessed how well the Safe Haven program is accomplishing its initial objectives.

Des Moines Weed and Seed Evaluation Final Report

Massachusetts SAC - Woburn Weed and Seed Site

The Massachusetts SAC is worked with the Woburn Weed and Seed site to examine, through spatial mapping, changes in calls for service associated with the Weed and Seed initiative. The SAC sought to determine the impacts of the Weed and Seed on crime in the target community.

Analysis of Police Activity and Programming in the Woburn, Massachusetts Weed and Seed Area

Michigan SAC - Grand Rapids Weed and Seed Site

The Michigan SAC examined the effectiveness of a truancy prevention program at the elementary school in the Weed and Seed target area. The SAC collected school data and conducted interviews with students and their parents to determine the impacts of the truancy initiative.

Westside Operation Weed and Seed: An Evaluation of an Early Truancy Initiative

New Mexico SAC - Albuquerque Weed and Seed Site

The New Mexico SAC assessed the impacts of community monitoring of court cases on dispositions in the Albuquerque Weed and Seed site. This effort determined the effectiveness of the neighborhood association's monitoring of court cases by comparing outcomes of drug offender cases in the target communities with those of other neighborhoods that do not monitor court cases.

Georgia SAC - Savannah Weed and Seed Site

The Georgia SAC evaluated the use of community policing strategies in the Savannah Weed and Seed site by surveying residents of targeted neighborhoods to assess their awareness of community policing strategies, feelings of safety and security, perceptions of crime and disorder, and awareness of drug activities in the neighborhood.. The analyzed data on the changes in the numbers of violent and drug-related crimes in the targeted neighborhoods from 1995 to 1999, and included interviews with officers and supervisors from the Savannah Police Department, Counter Narcotics Task Force, and Community-Oriented Policing Program to assess obstacles, interagency cooperation, programmatic gaps and recommendations for change.

Savannah's Weed and Seed Program Evaluation (1999) Final Report

Maryland SAC - West Baltimore Weed and Seed Site

The Maryland SAC assessed the development and implementation of the West Baltimore Weed and Seed program, and its effects on the Edmonson community. The SAC conducted surveys of the residents of the community to assess their awareness of the Weed and Seed efforts, perceptions of crime and other community problems, and suggestions for additional programming and services. The SAC also conducted interviews with members of the community policing squad and regular patrol officers to obtain their perceptions of how community policing strategies have been developed and implemented.

Ohio SAC - Akron Weed and Seed Site

The purpose of this study was to assess the city of Akron's Weed and Seed program over the last five years of its existence, from 2000 through 2004, with special emphasis on the weeding component of the program. Data sources include the following: offense and arrest data from the Akron Police Department for the years 2000 through 2004; a 2004 citizen survey of the Weed and Seed area (comparable to a 1999 citizen attitude survey); interviews with key individuals involved in the Akron Weed and Seed program; various forms of support documentation, including grantee activity data reports, the "National Institute of Justice National Evaluation of Weed and Seed: Akron, Ohio Research Project," Weed and Seed Steering Committee minutes, and land use data from the Akron City Planning Department.

Evaluation of the Akron Weed and Seed Program 2000-2004

Maine SAC - Lincoln County Weed and Seed

Building upon a similar strategy employed in Maine's Weed and Seed sites in Androscoggin and Sagadahoc Counties, Lincoln County chose to implement the Enhanced Neighborhood Policing (ENP) Curriculum and process as the cornerstone of its effort to build and sustain a collaborative community policing model. The Maine SAC employed a mixed methods evaluation strategy to gather qualitative and quantitative data using training assessments, surveys, and interviews with participants from Lincoln County and the two previous Weed and Seed sites. Partners reviewed instruments designed by the Maine SAC prior to administration of each tool to ensure that the information would help to gauge the progress on the program objectives.

Lincoln County Weed & Seed: An Implementation Evaluation of a Rural Crime Prevention Project

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