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New York

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NIBRS Status:  Testing
Number of Agencies Reporting (to the state):  269
Percentage of Population Covered by NYSIBR:  22%
Percentage of Crime Covered by NYSIBR:  17%
Number of Agencies Testing:  2
Additional Data Elements:  Yes
NYSIBR Required Data Elements

Additional data elements include:

New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services

Contact Information
Adam Dean
Bureau Chief, Crime Reporting Unit
New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services
4 Tower Place
Albany, NY 12203
Phone:  (518) 485-7942
Fax:  (518) 485-8039

Incident-Based Publications and Data

New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services. (Annual). Crime in New York State.
Fetzer, M. (2009). Domestic violence victimizations in IBR jurisdictions of New York State, 2007. Office of Justice Research & Performance, Division of Criminal Justice Services.

Reporting Agencies
There are currently 269 agencies reporting incident-based data to the state program. The five largest cities in New York (New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, and Syracuse) are not reporting incident-based data.

State Agency Pop Covered Percent of State Pop Covered
NYAfton Village PD8260.004%
NYAlbany County19,4240.100%
NYAlbany PD98,2960.507%
NYAlbion Village PD6,0830.031%
NYAlexandria Bay PD1,0830.006%
NYAlfred Village4,1930.022%
NYAllegany County27,3850.141%
NYAltamont Village PD1,7280.009%
NYAndover Village PD1,0470.005%
NYAngelica Village PD8730.005%
NYAthens Village PD1,6750.009%
NYAuburn PD27,8110.144%
NYAvon Village PD3,40920.018%
NYBainbridge Village PD1,3610.007%
NYBatavia PD15,5350.080%
NYBedford Town PD17,4130.090%
NYBelmont Village PD2,3180.012%
NYBethlehem Town PD33,8070.174%
NYBinghamton PD47,5890.246%
NYBlooming Grove Town PD12,1830.063%
NYBrighton Town PD36,7740.190%
NYBrockport Village PD8,4040.043%
NYBroome County94,5790.488%
NYBroome Investigative Task ForceN/A 
NYBuchanan Village PD2,2400.012%
NYCairo Town PD6,7000.035%
NYCaledonia Village PD2,21130.011%
NYCambridge Village PD1,8780.010%
NYCanandaigua PD10,5920.055%
NYCanastota Village PD4,8260.025%
NYCanton Village PD6,3420.033%
NYCarthage Village PD3,7640.019%
NYCatskill Village PD4,0990.021%
NYCattaraugus County51,2100.264%
NYCayuga County48,1680.249%
NYCayuga Heights PD3,7460.019%
NYCazenovia Village PD2,8480.015%
NYCentre Island Village PD4120.002%
NYChautauqua County58,2910.301%
NYChenango County35,2170.182%
NYChester Town PD8,0480.042%
NYChittenango Village PD5,1040.026%
NYClarkstown Town PD79,2210.409%
NYClayton Village PD1,9870.010%
NYClinton County Sheriff60,1990.311%
NYClyde Village PD2,1020.011%
NYCohoes PD16,2410.084%
NYColumbia County Sheriff40,8680.211%
NYCooperstown Village PD1,8600.010%
NYCorinth Village PDN/A 
NYCornell Univ PDN/A 
NYCornwall Town PD9,6710.050%
NYCornwall Village PDN/A 
NYCortland County Sheriff26,9620.139%
NYCoxsackie Village PD2,8260.015%
NYCrawford Town PD9,3580.048%
NYCroton On Hudson PD8,1060.042%
NYDeerpark Town PD7,9370.041%
NYDelaware County Sheriff34,1060.176%
NYDelhi Village PD3,1010.016%
NYDolgeville Village PD2,0840.011%
NYDryden Village PD1,8980.010%
NYDunkirk City PD12,6190.065%
NYDurham Town PD2,7370.014%
NYDutchess County Sheriff121,6130.628%
NYE Fishkill Town PD29,1590.150%
NYE Hampton Town PD19,4790.101%
NYE Rochester PD6,6170.034%
NYEllicott Town PD5,2050.027%
NYEllicottville Village PD1,6050.008%
NYElmsford Village PD4,6850.024%
NYEndicott Village PD13,4520.069%
NYEssex County Sheriff26,8130.138%
NYFairport Village PD5,3770.028%
NYFallsburg Town PD12,0770.062%
NYFishkill Village PD2,1810.011%
NYFlorida Village PD2,8460.015%
NYFort Edward Village PD3,3900.017%
NYFrankfort Town PD5,0380.026%
NYFrankfort Village PD2,6100.013%
NYFredonia Village PD11,2800.058%
NYGates Town PD28,5280.147%
NYGenesee County Sheriff40,2740.208%
NYGlens Falls City PD14,7660.076%
NYGlenville Town PD21,8480.113%
NYGoshen Town PD8,2660.043%
NYGowanda Village PD8140.004%
NYGreece Town PD96,5270.498%
NYGreen Island Village PD2,6320.014%
NYGreenburgh Town PD43,0550.222%
NYGreenport Town PD4,1840.022%
NYGreenwich Village PD1,7850.009%
NYGreenwood Lake PD3,1680.016%
NYGroton Village PD2,3740.012%
NYGuilderland Town PD33,7340.174%
NYHamilton Village PD4,2580.022%
NYHarriman Village PD2,4350.013%
NYHarrison Town PD27,5950.142%
NYHead Of Harbor PD1,4790.008%
NYHighlands Town PD8,6300.045%
NYHolley Village PD1,8190.009%
NYHudson Falls Village PD7,3140.038%
NYHudson PD6,7430.035%
NYIlion Village PD8,0890.042%
NYIndependence Town PD1,1720.006%
NYInlet Town PD3340.002%
NYIrondequoit Town PD51,9240.268%
NYIthaca PD30,1490.156%
NYJamestown PD31,2860.161%
NYJefferson County Sheriff72,7440.375%
NYJohnson City Village PD15,2420.079%
NYKirkland Town PD8,4100.043%
NYLake Success Village PD2,9470.015%
NYLakewood Village PD7,3840.038%
NYLarchmont Village PD5,8900.030%
NYLeroy Village PD4,4110.023%
NYLewis County Sheriff23,7230.122%
NYLewisboro Town PD12,4670.064%
NYLewiston PD16,3350.084%
NYLiberty Village PD4,4120.023%
NYLittle Falls PD4,9680.026%
NYLivingston County Sheriff41,1830.213%
NYLockport PD21,2600.110%
NYLong Beach PD33,4250.172%
NYLowville Village PD3,4860.018%
NYLynbrook Village PD19,5140.101%
NYLyons Village PD3,6350.019%
NYMacedon Police Dept9,1890.047%
NYMadison County Sheriff45,2920.234%
NYMamaroneck Village PD19,0140.098%
NYMassena Village PD10,9850.057%
NYMechanicville PD5,2190.027%
NYMedina Village PD6,0920.031%
NYMenands Village PD4,0080.021%
NYMetro Trnsprtn AuthN/A 
NYMillbrook Village PD1,4590.008%
NYMohawk Village PD2,7430.014%
NYMonroe County Sheriff239,2491.235%
NYMontgomery County Sheriff25,4300.131%
NYMontgomery Town PD8,9360.046%
NYMonticello Village PD6,7560.035%
NYMt Hope Town PD7,0500.036%
NYMt Morris Village PD2,9990.015%
NYMt Vernon City PD67,5940.349%
NYN Castle Town PD11,8940.061%
NYN Greenbush Town PD12,1290.063%
NYN Tonawanda PD31,7100.164%
NYNass Village PD1,1380.006%
NYNew Hartford Town PD20,5800.106%
NYNew Rochelle PD77,4080.399%
NYNewark Village PD9,1860.047%
NYNiagara County Sheriff85,5100.441%
NYNiagara Falls PD50,4190.260%
NYNiagara Town PD8,4160.043%
NYNiskayuna Town PD21,8790.113%
NYNunda Town PD3,0780.016%
NYNy0049000 - Nys Park Police Allegany RegionN/A 
NYNy0139000 - Nys Park Police Taconic RegionN/A 
NYNy0229000 - Nys Park Police Thousand IslandN/A 
NYNy0303100 - Nys Park Police NycN/A 
NYNy0319000 - Nys Park Police NiagaraN/A 
NYNy0339000 - Nys Park Police CentralN/A 
NYNy0439000 - Nys Park Police PalisadesN/A 
NYNy0452900 - Nys Park Police Saratoga - Capital DistrictN/A 
NYNy0519000 - Nys Park Police Long Island RegionN/A 
NYNy0549000 - Nys Park Police Finger LakesN/A 
NYNy0609000 - Nys Park Police GeneseeN/A 
NYOcean Beach Village PD790.000%
NYOgden Town PD19,9450.103%
NYOneida City PD11,4440.059%
NYOrange County Sheriff58,6770.303%
NYOrangetown Town PD36,9980.191%
NYOrleans County Sheriff29,0820.150%
NYOswego County Sheriff85,8600.443%
NYOswego PD18,2240.094%
NYOtsego County Sheriff46,7160.241%
NYOwego Village PD3,9140.020%
NYPalmyra Village PD3,5520.018%
NYPeekskill City PD23,6890.122%
NYPelham Manor Village PD5,5110.028%
NYPelham Village PD6,9410.036%
NYPerry Village PD3,6900.019%
NYPhoenix Village PD2,3930.012%
NYPiermont Village PD2,5210.013%
NYPlattekill Town PD10,5460.054%
NYPotsdam Village PD9,4700.049%
NYPoughkeepsie PD32,8830.170%
NYPoughkeepsie Town PD38,5110.199%
NYPoundridge Town PD5,1270.026%
NYRamapo Town PD84,4310.436%
NYRockland County Sheriff12,2060.063%
NYRosendale Town PD6,1020.031%
NYS Glens Falls Village PD3,5340.018%
NYS Nyack/Grndview PD3,5260.018%
NYSackets Habr Village PD1,4570.008%
NYSalamanca City PD5,8410.030%
NYSaranac Lake Village PD3,9140.020%
NYScarsdale Village PD17,2430.089%
NYSchenectady City PD66,4320.343%
NYSchodack Town PD11,3080.058%
NYSchuyler County Sheriff16,5580.085%
NYScotia Village PD7,7640.040%
NYSeneca County Sheriff22,8990.118%
NYShandaken Town PD3,0990.016%
NYShawangunk Town PD14,3960.074%
NYSherrill PD3,0850.016%
NYSidney Village PD3,9180.020%
NYSodus Point Village PD9040.005%
NYSodus Village PD1,8270.009%
NYSouthold Town PD19,8600.102%
NYSpring Valley Village PD31,4880.162%
NYSt Johnsville Village PD1,7400.009%
NYSt Lawrence County Sheriff64,2340.331%
NYStony Point Town PD15,1270.078%
NYSuatc AlfredN/A 
NYSuatc CantonN/A 
NYSuatc CobleskillN/A 
NYSuatc MorrisvilleN/A 
NYSuc BrockportN/A 
NYSuc FredoniaN/A 
NYSuc New PaltzN/A 
NYSuc OneontaN/A 
NYSuc OswegoN/A 
NYSuc PlattsburghN/A 
NYSuc PurchaseN/A 
NYSuc SyracuseN/A 
NYSullivan County SheriffN/A 
NYSuny AlbanyN/A 
NYSuny BinghamtonN/A 
NYSuny CortlandN/A 
NYSuny Geneseo PoliceN/A 
NYSuny Old Westbry PDN/A 
NYSuny Potsdam PoliceN/A 
NYSuny Tech At UticaN/A 
NYSuny University PDN/A 
NYTiconderoga Town PD5,0650.026%
NYTioga County Sheriff42,9770.222%
NYTrumansburg Village PD1,8050.009%
NYTupper Lake Village PD3,6830.019%
NYTuxedo Town PD3,0140.016%
NYUlster County Sheriff44,8890.232%
NYUlster Town PD12,3820.064%
NYUtica PD62,5150.323%
NYVernon Village PD1,1770.006%
NYVestal Town PD28,1690.145%
NYWalden Village PD7,0090.036%
NYWalton Village PD3,1020.016%
NYWarren County Sheriff48,9000.252%
NYWarwick Town PD19,4380.100%
NYWashington County Sheriff43,9530.227%
NYWaterloo Village PD5,1940.027%
NYWatertown PD27,1440.140%
NYWatervliet PD10,3000.053%
NYWatkins Glen Village PD1,8670.010%
NYWaverly Village PD4,4640.023%
NYWayland Village PD1,8730.010%
NYWayne County Sheriff62,0890.320%
NYWebster Town PD42,8330.221%
NYWestfield Village PD3,2380.017%
NYWhite Plains PD57,1090.295%
NYWhitehall Village PD2,6260.014%
NYWindham Town PD1,7110.009%
NYWolcott Village PD1,7090.009%
NYWoodstock Town PD5,9100.030%
NYYorktown Town PD36,2430.187%
NYYoungstown Village PD1,9440.010%

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