Steps for Developing NIBRS

According to the FBI, there are 7 basic steps to become NIBRS certified. For more information on the steps outlined below, please see the FBI's Handbook for Acquiring an RMS that is Compatible with NIBRS. For additional information on certification, please see Data Quality Tools.

Step 1.  Make the NIBRS RMS Decision
Develop a strategic plan.
Define project goals and scope.
Outline costs and sources of funds.
Obtain management commitment.
Step 2.  Define the RMS
Designate a project manager and team.
Define functional requirements.
Define system requirements.
Define interface requirements.
Define operating environment.
Identify additional data (if any) to be collected.
Step 3.  Develop Costs and Funding Sources
Use a cost model to estimate costs.
Refine a model for agency requirements.
Estimate life cycle costs.
Compare lease vs. buy choices.
Apply for state and federal funding.
Step 4.  Select RMS Vendor
Obtain preliminary information on vendor products.
Use RMS definitions to develop an RFP.
Review vendor proposals.
Perform source selection.
Monitor vendor.
Step 5.  Plan and Manage Implementation
Establish an implementation team.
Prepare an implementation plan.
Prepare a risk management plan.
Develop interface documents.
Develop a test and acceptance plan.
Develop a training plan.
Step 6.  Install RMS
Prepare site.
Establish operation and maintenance procedures.
Train staff.
Oversee integration tests.
Step 7.  Conduct State Testing and Begin NIBRS Reporting
Contact the FBI Programs Support Section

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